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Market Overview of Fiber Laser

Issuing time:2020-01-11 15:51

As we all know, according to the different working media, the laser can be divided into solid laser, gas laser, dye laser,   semiconductor laser, fiber laser and free electron laser .Compared with other lasers, fiber lasers have the advantages of simple structure, high conversion

efficiency,good beam quality, low maintenance cost, good heat dissipation performance,etc. Therefore, fiber lasers have become the main stream light source in the traditional industrial manufacturing field such as metal cutting and welding.The global laser market reached $13.754 billion in 2018, up 5.3% year-on-year, according to OFweek industry research center. About it, the fiber lasers accounted for 51.4% ,

up 6.1% from last year..Due to the impact of fluctuations in the economic environment of this year, the industry development has slowed down. It is expected that the growth rate of the fiber laser

market will be basically the same as last year, within 6.5% . Although the fiber laser is the biggest player in the current laser market, but recenty the homogeneous competition in China's fiber laser market is serious, and it has become an important topic for enterprises to seek differentiated advantages.

The main character that we discuss today is the single-frequency fiber laser that not only has the good laser monochromatism and   directivity, but also has the advantages of dry length and narrow

spectral line width that are difficult to be achieved by ordinary lasers.

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