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Notice of Returning to Work

Issuing time:2020-02-27 16:11

At present, the new coronavirus infection get the concerns of all the people. Shandong province has launched a major public health emergency response, to finish the new coronavirus prevention and controlling, with treating our health as the important thing,   our company decides to begin work from February 10. .During the epidemic, our work will continue,If consulting our business, we will reply it immediately. Welcome to contact us at any time.

In this special period, Shandong laser photoelectric   technology co., LTD. wish you and your family be healthy forever ! And have a warm reminder: facing the current epidemic situation, reduce outdoor activities, do not participate in the party, go out with a mask, wash hands frequently, get ventilation frequently, have good personal protection.At the same time we also wish wuhan be better and wish the staff working on the front line safe and smooth. And our motherland will be stronger!

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