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Laser marking engraving ceramics, poetic and economic combination

Issuing time:2020-09-25 15:31

Pottery is the art of earth, the art of fire, in fact, it is the art of life, the potter is from the perspective of life, implied meaning, indirect expression of human thoughts and feelings.

With the gradual heating up of ceramic art, ceramic art products are favored by more and more people. Making ceramic art with one's own hands has become another leisure way for people to relax their spirit and release themselves after work and study. In this way, it can develop ceramic art career well and increase the learning and communication with ceramic artists.


Due to the modern progress in the knowledge of chemical raw materials, the development of glaze firing technology, and the manufacture and invention of machines after industrialization, the ceramic art has gradually separated, and the development space of ceramic art has increased. Ceramic art is no longer confined to the combination of earth and glaze, but integrates more cultural and spatial factors, making ceramics more meaningful.

Ceramic laser marking machine plays an important role in the current ceramic processing and provides efficient processing solutions for the current ceramic marking processing. The use of full digital laser marking and unique laser deep engraving technology, with high stability, high accuracy, easy to operate, so that more novel marking technology can be realized, for the present ceramic processing provides more possibilities.


The laser marking technology of the existing ceramic laser marking machine has been able to satisfy the fine processing of the corresponding number, text, pattern and other information of many kinds of ceramics, so that it has a very high artistic and fashion sense.

To a few trademark, batch number, date, or the pattern that has specific need, number, the laser mark equipment that makes use of pottery and porcelain laser mark machine can achieve very exquisite mark effect, give pottery and porcelain product different vogue glamour. At the same time, the marking effect is long-lasting, wear-resistant, colorless, clear and texturized, which will not affect the original quality of ceramic products, but also further improve the value of ceramic products, so that consumers can be more willing to accept.

At present, with the rapid development of laser technology, the application of laser in the field of ceramic technology is more and more in-depth, such as the present metal laser marking machine, optical fiber laser marking machine, all provide more possibilities for the present ceramic processing, so that the present ceramic products more exquisite.

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