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laser engraving machine 4040
Category: laser engraving machine
Color: white and orange

1. wide range: CO2 laser almost can engrave and cut any non-metallic materials.

2., safe and reliable: the use of non-contact processing,the material will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress.

3. Precise and detailed: processing accuracy can reach 0.02mm

4.Saving environmental protection:light beam and spot diameter is small,generally less than 0.5mm; cutting and processing material saving,safety and health.

5. The same effect: to ensure that the same batch processing results exactly.

6. high-speed fast: available for immediate high-speed engraving and cutting according to pattern computer output.

7.low cost: it is not limited by the number of processing, for small batch processing service,laser processing is cheaper.

8. The operation is simple,font specifications, eager to learn and use.

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