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Laser Bird Repeller for Railway
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Laser Bird Repeller for Railway
Category: laser bird repeller for Railway
Material: iron
Color: silvery
Weight: 60kg

Laser repeller is a green laser repeller using a wavelength of 532 nm / power of 500 mw-2000 mw.
For birds, vision is the most sensitive, especially for green lasers with a wavelength of 532 nm. The automatic laser bird repeller developed by our company utilizes this feature to emit a beam of 70-200mm diameter and 532nm "columnar" green laser to simulate the

conditions of biological reflection. When the green laser beam is scanned, the bird is like seeing a green stick ,so the bird to be repellented effect.

Railway laser bird repellent:
Product model: LZ-R-2
Field of application: Railway, aquaculture, electricity
Product performance indicators:
Laser output wavelength: single wavelength (450nm, 520nm, 532nm, 650nm) or multi-wavelength tuned output
Output mode: continuous, blinking, modulation
Laser output power: 500mW-2000mW
Laser divergence angle: less than 17μrad
Outlet diameter: 70mm-200mm
Scanning mode: automatic, horizontal 180 degree rotation
Working distance: up to 1500m
Scanning speed: adjustable
Ambient temperature: -400C-550C
Other features: lightning protection, timing, remote control