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Civil  airport laser bird repeller
Category: laser bird repeller
Material: iron
Color: white
Weight: 60kg

Laserrepeller is a green laser repeller using a wavelength of 532 nm / power of 500mw-2000 mw.
For birds, vision is the most sensitive, especially for green lasers with awavelength of 532 nm. The automatic laser bird repeller developed by ourcompany utilizes this feature to emit a beam of 70-200mm diameter and 532nm"columnar" green laser to simulate
the conditions of biologicalreflection. When the green laser beam is scanned, the bird is like seeing agreen stick ,so the bird to be repellented effect.

It is suitable for aquaculture, farmland, orchard, railway,electric power, airport and so on.

Laser Bird Repeller for Civil Airport:
Product model: LZ-R-4
Areas of application: airports, aquaculture, farmland, orchards, railways,electricity.
Product performance indicators:
Laser output wavelength: single wavelength (450nm, 520nm, 532nm, 650nm) ormulti-wavelength tuned output
Output mode: continuous, blinking, modulation
Laser output power: 500mW-2000mW
Laser divergence angle: less than 17
Outlet diameter: 70mm-200mm
Scanning mode: automatic, horizontal 180 degree rotation
Working distance: up to 1500m
Scanning speed: adjustable
Ambient temperature: -400C-550C
Other features: lightning protection, timing, remote control