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Bird control device_laser system for bird scarer

Category laser bird repeller
Weight 5.8

Birds build nests along the lines, and this is the ultimate of electric bird damage. In the process of nesting, birds will use a lot of hay, cloth, branches, wire and other materials, which are easy to fall on the line below in the process of transportation of birds or in the case of strong wind after the nest is built. Once again encountered rainy weather or heavy rain, nesting materials due to the absorption of a large amount of water to form a conductive body, will make the line flashover, short circuit, tripping and other power failure.  

Therefore, bird control has become a necessary means to ensure the safe operation of electric power departments. Only rely on manual inspection and cleaning, lack of timeliness, during the investigation electric bird accident will occur at any time.  

Laser system for scaring birds repels birds without harming them . It makes repelling birds safe and effective and so to solve problem for elctric power station.

Descriptions of Laser bird repellent device:

1.Its working will not be affected by the weather and canwork 24 hours a day

2.With horizontal 360 degrees and vertical angle 90 degree adjustable, it could realize scanning without dead angle.

3.The scanning area and time are set by customers according to requirement.

4.Besides, it can be connected with solar panels powersupply.

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