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Laser bird repeller for airport

Category laser bird driver
Material alloy
Color black
Weight kg

In the history of civil aviation, accident caused by bird strike is not allowed to ignore. As a new generation of turbine engine research and development, the plane fly faster, lower noise and for birds, there is no possibility of collision avoidance. Bird strike aircraft in flight before and after the landing or taking off and landing phase. So, as the airport of aircraft landing place, the bird control has become an important flight safety securiy work.

Handheld laser bird repeller emits a striking laser beam, when the laser irradiation near the birds, so that the birds instantly feel frightened and panic to escape. It is suitable for repelling birds in airport.


1. Handheld flexible and convenient and timely.

2. Weight is light and it is easy to hold and carry.

3. Long work time of battery.

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