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Laser bird repeller for airport
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Laser bird repeller for airport

Category: laser bird driver
Material: alloy
Color: black
Weight: kg
Model: LZ-R-5

Laser repeller is a green laser repeller using a

wavelength of 532 nm / power of 500mw-2000 mw.
For birds, vision is the most sensitive, especially for green lasers with awavelength of 532 nm. The automatic laser bird repeller developed by ourcompany utilizes this feature to emit a beam of 70-200mm diameter and
532nm"columnar" green laser

to simulatethe conditions of biologicalreflection.

When the green laser beam is scanned, the bird is like seeing agreen stick ,so the bird to be repellented effect.

Product Model LZ-R-5

Application fields : driving birds in airport

Laser output wavelength single wavelength 450nm520nm532nm650nmor Multi-wavelength tuning output

Output Mode Continuous flickering modulation

laser output power2000mW—5000mW

Laser divergence Angle: <17μrad

Outlet diameter 110mm

scanning mode manual operation

operating distancecanbe 1500m

environment temperature -400C550C