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Green light laser marking machine

Category laser marking machine
Material iron
Color blue
Weight 120kg

Principle:The reaction mechanism of uv laser processing   is achievedby photochemical ablation function. t, which rely on laser energy tointerrupt the bonding between atoms or molecules, making it be small molecule , gasification, evaporate, minimal

focal spot, the processing and heataffected

zone is small, thus it can be for super fine marking, special materialmarking, it is the preferred product for the customers who have the higherrequirements about the marking effect

1goodlight   beam quality , the smaller

   focus spot,can realize the hyperfine


2thewider application scope

3thefast marking speed, high efficiency

4smallheat affected area, no thermal effect

   and thematerial will not be burned.

5Themachine has stable performance, small

   size andlow power consumption.