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MOPA laser marking machine

Category Mopa laser marking machine
Material iron
Color blue
Weight 90KG
Model LZ-LM30M

Type characteristics:
The MOPA laser marking machine can make bright and delicate colors in stainless steel at one   time, and the alumina can be blackened to do some fine processing. Mopa fiber laser   with international high quality is adopted.The laser beam has

good quality, the marking speed is fast,the marking is smooth and fine,and the

marking is fine.

The effect is perfect. High electrooptic conversion rate,air cooled cooling mode, high reliability, stable laser output   power, can work continuously in harsh conditions.

No consumables,no need maintenance, laser life is up to 100,000 hours.
Applicable materials and industries:
It is applied in the fields of color laser coding with high requirements of smoothness and precision,   such as   ceramic bathroom, stainless steel products, crafts, precision instruments, medical   devices, electronic industry, etc.