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Laser Marking, Laser Cleaning & Laser Bird Repeller
With this era of dramatic progress, we aremoving forward constantly. Facing the changing market environment, we will nev...
On February 29 of 2020, our company purchased many new equipments in the new workshop.
At present, the new coronavirus infection get the concerns of all the people. Shandong province has launched a major pub...
In this critical period of fighting against the epidemic, we earnestly fulfill our social responsibilities. According to...
Shandong Laser Photoelectric Tech is the first professional manufacturer of laser equipment in Dongying City. With a strong R&D team of 7 doctors from famous universities and research institutes, we have applied for and authorized nearly 20 national invention patents, utility model patents and appearance patents. Our company is mainly engaged in the development of laser cleaning equipment research and technology; laser marking machine, laser cleaning machine, laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, laser bird repeller, laser glare sales, installation, maintenance; technical consultation and service in the field of optoelectronics And import and export business.
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